Welcome to Premier Driving School

Hello, my name is Simon and I have been running Premier Driving School for over ten years, giving top quality, professional, driving instruction at affordable prices.

Areas covered:

- Pontefract,
- Castleford,
- Wakefield,
- Hemsworth,
- Sth.Elmsall,
- Sth Kirkby,
- Upton,
- Featherstone,
- Ackworth,
- Normanton,
- Ryhill,
- Sherburn,
- Knottingley and surrounding areas.


Testimonial by Phil Hirst

Phil Hirst has spent over 30 years in professional driver training and has been training instructors since 1995 under the title AIM Instructor Training. Phil has written many training manuals for drivers and instructors.

Phil is employed as a feature writer by the Driving Instructors Association under the banner ADI Training, and is renown as the foremost authority on driver training in the country.


"Simon came to me 11yrs ago to train as an instructor and i could tell right away that he had all the attributes to become a high quality ADI. His dedication and continued professional development has ensured he has made a great success of his driving school when many others have failed to stay in business. Simon then came back to me 5yrs later to train as an Instructor Trainer, which i always thought he would. After he had completed his training with me i was keen for him to join me at AIM, but Simon wanted to be his own master and make his own decisions. We stay in contact and discuss the business at regular intervals, and I’m never surprised by his knowledge and understanding of the latest techniques and theory’s. He is a top quality instructor and person and i know if you choose to train with him you will be getting the very best for your money."

Phil Hirst.